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Firearm Selection Guide

This book is meant to help new and inexperienced shooters understand which firearm will best suit their defensive purposes. It is also ideal for experienced shooters who haven’t kept up with the latest trends.

Outlining more than 50 firearms in a convenient compare-and-contrast style, it will help clarify which are ideal for concealed carry, home- and automobile-defense.

In this manual, we also cover common accessories available to pair with your guns. From lasers and red dot sights to flashlights, our complete guide breaks down the advantages and disadvantages. Learn what may or may not be needed for a firearm to function as well as possible.

While one firearm may be perfect for one shooter, it may not be ideal for another. This book will also help you understand how body size impacts firearm choice, and what type of training a student may need to operate a particular firearm.

As a bonus, the appendix of this guide includes popular training information and techniques.

Firearm Glossary Cover 3.2

Glossary of Firearm Terms

Designed to act as an introductory course to firearm terms, lingo, and jargon, this Glossary of Firearm Terms is a must-have for anyone who wants to expand or enhance their working knowledge of firearms. It is updated regularly for the most complete and up-to-date information.

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