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Association of Firearm Instructors

Firearm Selection Guide

This book is meant to help new and inexperienced shooters understand which firearm will best suit their defensive purposes. It is also ideal for experienced shooters who haven’t kept up with the latest trends.

Outlining more than 50 firearms in a convenient compare-and-contrast style, it will help clarify which are ideal for concealed carry, home- and automobile-defense.

In this manual, we also cover common accessories available to pair with your guns. From lasers and red dot sights to flashlights, our complete guide breaks down the advantages and disadvantages. Learn what may or may not be needed for a firearm to function as well as possible.

While one firearm may be perfect for one shooter, it may not be ideal for another. This book will also help you understand how body size impacts firearm choice, and what type of training a student may need to operate a particular firearm.

As a bonus, the appendix of this guide includes popular training information and techniques.

Glossary of Firearm Terms

Designed to act as an introductory course to firearm terms, lingo, and jargon, this Glossary of Firearm Terms is a must-have for anyone who wants to expand or enhance their working knowledge of firearms. It is updated regularly for the most complete and up-to-date information.

Personal Protection 101

This is an intermediary text, perfect for the new gun owner who doesn’t care to get bogged down in too many details, but wants to know what they need to know about personal protection. 

This resource is in progress and is set for release soon!

Defend Yourself

At over 200,000 words, this comprehensive training manual contains everything a gun owner needs to know about using a firearm in self defense, including sections on how to deal with the aftermath of a use of force situation. This manual includes a discussion on legal and practical matters to keep you safe. 

Stay tuned for our release date!


Click the links above to claim your free gun selection e-Book, Defensive Firearms Selection & Use: Practical Advice for Novice Shooters. 

Sign up today and you will receive an absolutely free bonus copy of our e-Book edition of the Glossary of Firearm Terms! 

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering these resources – valued at $29.98 – as part of the Association of Firearm Instructors’ Annual Mentorship Drive (tm). This is our way of thanking experienced firearm owners for sharing their enthusiasm with their friends and family.

About AFI

The Association of Firearm Instructors, or AFI, is a grassroots organization with the goal of making top notch educational resources available to shooters everywhere.

In the past, it was difficult for a potential firearm student to get in touch with instructors in their area. In many places, gun instruction classes aren’t advertised well, and it can be difficult for would-be students to seek out the education they need. This leads to many people missing out on proper firearm education and being frustrated that their skills aren’t improving.

At AFI, we are working to change that.

AFI is a community designed to provide educational resources for eager students and to help them connect with qualified instructors.

All our downloads are free! We are continuously developing our training resources to provide materials to instructors, mentors and students across the globe.

Students will learn how to locate training and trainers to fit their needs, which credentials to look for, and which questions to ask when making a hiring decision.

Beyond that, AFI also provides resources for instructors to use so that they can make their offerings more efficient and streamlined, ensuring that each trainer has the tools needed. This improves the field of gun training and education and standardizes education in all areas of the U.S.

Our resources are also available to mentors (experienced shooters without instructor certification) willing to help new shooters learn safe firearm handling techniques. Through AFI’s Annual Mentorship™ Drive, we proudly support these efforts with our easy to understand training tools.

In addition to making gun ownership safer, AFI is also providing a place for gun enthusiasts and instructors to connect and come together. Dedicated to safety, responsibility, and proper education, AFI is your all-in-one source for responsible gun ownership.

New Shooters

Unlike some other firearm education organizations, you can relate to us. We’re ordinary people, just like you, which means you can trust us to understand where you are coming from. Everyone who handles firearms must start somewhere. Our goal is to get new shooters up-to-speed as seamlessly as possible.

As our list of certified instructors and trainers grows, we will establish an online database to connect instructors and students across the country.

Established by a close-knit group of instructors, range safety officers, former and current military members, our growing base currently has over 10,000 members.

AFI’s instructors include current and former military members who came together to create our firearm glossary in 2015. 

We strive to create a nonjudgmental and safe place for people to learn about firearm safety and responsibility. We work hard to make AFI a high-quality educational platform.

Our Training Resources​

In addition to staffing the best trainers and making it easy for students to find qualified instructors in their area, AFI also works to provide the resources students and instructors need to further their knowledge. Our most important resources come in the form of our books. 

From our first Glossary of Firearm Terms to our most recent book, Defensive Firearms Selection & Use: Practical Advice for Novice Shooters, we strive to present the best knowledge for all levels of shooters and firearms enthusiasts. 

Regardless of whether you’re a brand-new shooter just getting started, or a skilled instructor looking to deepen his or her skills, AFI is your one-stop-shop for informative and in-depth resources you can trust.

The AFI Difference

When it comes to learning about firearms and their various applications, trust is critical. Not only do you need confidence in your instructors, but you also need to be able to rely on the organization that’s providing the educational platform. The Association of Firearm Instructors strives to create an accessible and user-friendly learning environment, which allows people from all backgrounds and walks of life to come in and learn how to safely and responsibly own and handle firearms.

From instructing novice shooters in how to choose the best firearm for their defensive purposes to helping aspiring instructors get the high-quality educational materials they need to shape the perspectives and outlook of incoming students, AFI is a community-led leader in firearm safety, ownership, and handling.

The passion project of a group of dedicated and experienced gun enthusiasts, AFI is born from the ideas of responsibility, education, accessibility, trust, and ongoing training. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your firearms background may be, you can learn, grow, and thrive with AFI. 

Please take the time to share this website with friends, family and colleagues. The ultimate success of AFI depends on the quality and quantity of those who join with us.

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