About Our Books

At the American Association of Firearms Instructors, we believe deeply in education. That’s why we go out of our way to create  comprehensive training resources designed to help further knowledge in both instructors and students.

In addition to our books, we will be sharing other training tools, including training drills, videos and articles.

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Here’s what we currently have to offer:

Defensive Firearms Selection And Use: Practical Advice For Novice Shooters

Our recently-published book is meant to help novice shooters understand which gun best suits their defensive purposes. The book outlines more than 50 firearms in a convenient compare-and-contrast style and helps novice shooters learn which are ideal for concealed carry, home defense, and automobile defense.

This book is also perfect for helping novice shooters understand how body size impacts firearm choice, and what type of training a student may need to operate a particular firearm. It discusses favorite accessories that some people choose to pair with their guns. From lasers to flashlights, and more, our complete guide breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of these accessories, and helps people understand what they may or may not need to add to their firearm to encourage it to function as well as possible.

The appendix of the guide includes important information about firearms that is often overlooked in formal training programs.

Designed both for brand-new shooters and people who know little about guns, this book is also ideal for anyone who has been out of the industry for a long time and hasn’t kept up with the latest trends.


Glossary of Firearm Terms

Our 2017-2018 Glossary of Firearm Terms is a handy, must-have supplemental resource for any introductory firearm training course. It defines 600 of the most common and critical terms, lingo, jargon and acronyms in the industry. Written with the novice in mind, it offers complete educational details and images for shooters who want to expand or enhance their working knowledge of firearms.

This is an ideal tool for instructors to share with new shooters who want to learn more about the firearm industry. It is written to take the mystique out of many terms that are unique to the industry and includes pictures where necessary to ensure readers understand meanings appropriately. It contains information that makes it an ideal refresher for seasoned gun enthusiasts. (This book was first compiled three years ago and updated this year.)


Coming by the end of 2017!

Defend Yourself – A Comprehensive Firearm Training Program

Concealed Carry Fundamentals

Home, Auto & Street Defense

This comprehensive training manual is slated released in the fall of 2017. At over 200,000 words, it contains everything the gun owner needs to know about using a firearm in self defense, including sections on how to deal with the aftermath of a use of fore situation. It covers a discusion on legal and practical matters to keep you safe.

 Included Sections:

  • Develop a Home Security Plan
  • Establish a Personal Protection Plan
  • Understand Your Rights when Using Deadly Force in Self Defense
  • Prepare Your Legal Defense
  • Select Self Defense Guns and Accessories
  • Keep Guns Safe – Storage & Gun Safety in the Home
  • Basic Gun Handling, Range Training & Dry Fire Drills


Coming in 2018 – AFI will release the fourth educational book in its series:

Personal Protection 101

This resource is in progress and is set for release in 2018.

It is an intermediary text, perfect for the new gun owner who doesn’t care to get bogged down in too many details, but wants to know what they need to know about personal protection.

Smart Resources for Smart Gun Ownership

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in the ownership and handling of firearms, these two helpful resources stand out as must-haves for responsible and safe interactions with guns. Regardless of whether your interest in firearms is grounded in hunting and sportsmanship, self-defense, or history, AFI’s simple guides will help you expand your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and take your approach to firearms to the next level.


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And, don’t forget: AFI plans to become one-stop-shop for smart gun education as an online resources for finding additional resources and instructors in your area.