Defensive Firearms Selection & Use: Practical Advice For Novice Shooters


Our newest book, Defensive Firearms Selection, is meant to help novice shooters understand which firearm will best suit their defensive purposes. The book outlines more than 50 firearms in a convenient compare-and-contrast style and helps novice shooters learn which are ideal for concealed carry, home defense, and automobile defense.

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Product Description

Defensive Firearms Selection & Use: Practical Advice For Novice Shooters

This book helps novice shooters understand what firearms are right for different defensive uses. It covers over 50 different firearms, ranging from rifles and shotguns to handguns of every type and size.

It discusses how body size impacts firearm choice, and what type of training a student may need to operate a particular firearm. The appendix of the guide includes popular training options.

It also discusses favorite accessories that some people choose to pair with their guns. From lasers and red dot sights to flashlights, and more, our complete guide breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of these accessories, and helps people understand what they may or may not need to add to their firearm to encourage it to function as well as possible.

Designed both for brand-new shooters and people who know little about guns, this book is also ideal for anyone who has been out of the industry for a long time and hasn’t kept up with the latest trends.