Defend Yourself – A Comprehensive Training Manual


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Our newest book, Defensive Firearms Selection, is meant to help novice shooters understand which firearm will best suit their defensive purposes. The book outlines more than 50 weapons in a convenient compare-and-contrast style and helps novice shooters learn which are ideal for concealed carry, home defense, and automobile defense.

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Product Description

Defend Yourself – A Comprehensive Firearm Training Manual

Concealed Carry Fundamentals

Home, Auto & Street Defense

 This comprehensive training manual will be released in the summer of 2017. At over 200,000 words, it contains everything the gun owner needs to know about using a firearm in self defense, including sections on how to deal with the aftermath of a use of fore situation. It covers a discussion on legal and practical matters to keep you safe.

 Includes Sections to Learn How To:

  • Develop a Home Security Plan
  • Establish a Personal Protection Plan
  • Understand Your Rights when Using Deadly Force in Self Defense
  • Prepare Your Legal Defense
  • Select Self Defense Guns and Accessories
  • Keep Guns Safe – Storage & Gun Safety in the Home
  • Basic Gun Handling, Range Training & Dry Fire Drills