Welcome to AFI

AFI isn’t just for brand-new shooters. We understand that many shooters have been taught firearms informally by friends or family members. You may learn to shoot competently through these excellent mentors, but there still may be fundamentals and important information you don’t realize you’re missing.

Others have taken long-ago lessons for which industry standards have changed or may have learned on one type of firearm (i.e., rifles or revolvers) without receiving formal training on another (i.e., pistols). If any of these scenarios resonate, AFI has the right resources for you.

As someone who is just getting started or refreshing some skills, your interest in firearms may be to gain competency for sporting purposes or to learn about how guns function for self-defense. Some shooters are interested in hunting or tactical training.

Whether your training goals are tactical, competition, concealed carry, law enforcement, military, personal defense, or you are an instructor looking for new ways to look at old issues, we offer information to help you to meet your training objectives.

Regardless of your interests, the only thing separating a student from a qualified instructor is time, education, and practice. Most shooters have the potential to progress to a training position. When you join us, we’ll give you the knowledge and experience you need to answer your friends’ and family’s questions, and educate others in the art and science of shooting.

What’s to Come

As AFI progresses, we will add more training resources for shooters, including new books and online presentations. If possible, we encourage all shooters to attend a day or more of formal, hands-on training with a qualified instructor. (Great training programs are offered by Gunsite, Massad Ayoob Group and the NRA.)

While we build our database of instructors and tools, we will make them available to our members. The point of all of our resources is to help shooters fill in the gaps to make sure you learn what you need to know about firearm handling, whether for sport or self-defense.

We thank you for your support and encourage you to keep coming back to see what new information and offerings we have available to you.

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Please take the time to share this website with friends, family and colleagues. The ultimate success of AFI depends on the quality and quantity of those who join with us.