15 Must-read Articles to Help New Women Shooters

Part 1

Everything a New Shooter Needs to Start Training

There is always a cost to starting a new hobby or pastime.
Consider the price of golf clubs and being properly outfitted, for instance.
Here is a comprehensive list of both necessities and niceties for any lady
gaining interest in the gun industry.

This list is designed to help friends, fathers, husbands,
brothers, or sons budget and assist the important women in their lives in
purchasing great accessories and equipment to get her excited about starting.

The total price for everything in the above list ranges from
$2,000 to $2,500. Remember when you wince at the bottom line that this is a
life-long investment for the safety of someone you love. It is a great value
because it will give you the peace of mind you need, and you will hate yourself
the time she needed the tools to defend herself, and she has only her bare

The main difference is whether you choose a great
range pistol at the beginning of the process (which you should do!) or wait and
just buy what she wants for self-defense (which is still very generous!) If you
need to shave off a few bucks, you should be able to encourage her hobby while
staying under $1,500. You can forego the souvenir clothing or dinner included
in the list, among other things.

Of course, if you already have firearms in the house, you
may be able to eliminate other expenses. There may be no need, for instance, to
purchase a new gun safe or ammo can, and you may already have a great range
pistol, cleaning kit, speedloader, and multi-tool. In this case, expect her
introductory costs to be under a grand!

If she continues to shoot, she may want further accessories
(lights, red dots, etc.). If these are tools she isn’t able to afford, plan to
get her early Christmas or birthday gifts (the moment she actually decides to
carry on a daily basis).

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